Fantasy Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
The Making Of A Princess  Chapter 3
Kyoukai Senjou No Limbo  Chapter 27
Pupillary Master  Chapter 38.5
Tales Of A Blissful Life  Chapter 48
Peerless Refiner  Chapter 56
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss  Chapter 39
Lightning Degree  Chapter 4
Ni Yu: God Is A Girl  Chapter 3
The Baby Isn’T Yours  Chapter 1
I'm Stanning The Prince  Chapter 5
Cute Princess Strikes: The Panda From Heaven Wants Hugs  Chapter 12
Deor  Chapter 15
Priscilla's Marriage Request  Chapter 5
A Queen's Law Of Survival  Chapter 1.3
Save A Female Assassin  Chapter 125
Machspeed Starscars  Chapter 12
Perspective Of Immortal Docter  Chapter 2
Gangnam Dokkaebi  Chapter 1
World’S Ruler  Chapter 41
I Won't Become A Villainess. I'm Just A "normal" Duke's Daughter!  Chapter 1.2
Matchless Emperor  Chapter 22
My Universe  Chapter 19
Honkai Gakuen – The Moment Of Shining Light  Chapter 3
The Rebirth Of The Demon God  Chapter 22
The Cute Wife Of The Cold Chairman  Chapter 3
Villain Initialization  Chapter 5
Seiken Gakuin No Maken Tsukai  Chapter 3
The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass  Chapter 6
The Special Girl  Chapter 3
Prince Of Silk And Thorn  Chapter 40
Unorthodox Spiritualist  Chapter 3
Villain Girl’S Punishment Game  Chapter 14
The Knight Of The Falling Star  Chapter 78
Godly Mobile Game  Chapter 3
I Became The Black Swan Mother Of The White Swan Princess  Chapter 1
Knitting Corner  Chapter 3
Absolute Control  Chapter 1
God Slayer  Chapter 5
Survival Story Of A Sword King In A Fantasy World  Chapter 35
My Manservant Prince  Chapter 45
Charlotte’S Letter  Chapter 44
Sword Of The Falcon  Chapter 16

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