Romance Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
Sweetheart Must Love Mesweetheart Must Love Me  Chapter 72
Glass Wall  Chapter 1
Priscilla's Marriage Request  Chapter 3
Namae No Nai Kaibutsu - Kumo To Shoujo To Ryoki Satsujin  Chapter 10
Ceo's Top Secret  Chapter 8
Shine And Sweet  Chapter 2
Being A Substitute For President’S Bride  Chapter 143
Concubine Of Wealth  Chapter 78
My Universe  Chapter 12
Test Married 99 Days  Chapter 13
Visible Only To You  Chapter 4
Invite A Wolf Into The House  Chapter 2
The Cute Wife Of The Cold Chairman  Chapter 1
Timid Palette  Chapter 2
Marshal, Here Is Your Little Wife  Chapter 6
Urahara To Dilemma  Chapter 6
Blackmailed By Bossy Ceo  Chapter 237
Love Between You And Me  Chapter 220
Trouble With The President: Return Of The Princess  Chapter 165
Momoiro Ome-Chen  Chapter 5
Offending A Billionaire  Chapter 100
Throw Myself On My Sweet Maid  Chapter 84
The Knight Of The Falling Star  Chapter 78
Queen Of Posion: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess  Chapter 40
Childe And Sweet Wife  Chapter 139
My Manservant Prince  Chapter 45
Charlotte’S Letter  Chapter 40
Sword Of The Falcon  Chapter 16
Bound To You  Chapter 23
Evil Match  Chapter 23
The Wizard And The Neet  Chapter 3
My Classmate Was A Dude  Chapter 35
Devil's Ear  Chapter 76
Dreamcide  Chapter 51
Smoke & Honey  Chapter 0.1
Romantic Cure For Gynophobia  Chapter 54
Flowers Of Fog  Chapter 18
The Devil's Guidebook To Love  Chapter 37
Forced Marriage, Stubborn Wife  Chapter 80
Huai Huai Jiao Qi Tian Tian Chong  Chapter 2.2
The Worst Infatuation  Chapter 18
Lost Princess  Chapter 11

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