Yuri Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
Hagure Idol Jigokuhen Others  Chapter 25
Seifuku no Vampiress Lord  Chapter 27.5
Soulmate Webtoon  Chapter 21
Beloved (Jaeliu)  Chapter 16.5
Citrus (SABURO Uta)  Chapter 41
After School (OOSHIMA Tomo & OOSHIMA Towa)  Chapter 9
For Each Retweet, Two Straight Girls Who Don't Get Along Will Kiss for One Second  Chapter 12
Addictive Webtoon  Chapter 18
Kyoushi × Seito No Yuri Anthology Comic  Chapter 10
Angel x Demon Webtoon  Chapter 9
Pulse  Chapter 67.5
Futago Wazurai  Chapter 5
Hero-san and Former (Female) General-san  Chapter 13
Seikon no Qwaser  Chapter 118
Onee Loli Succubus  Chapter 9
The Mistress Story  Chapter 28
Sweet Little Devil  Chapter 7.2
What Does The Fox Say?  Chapter 132
White Angels Have No Rest  Chapter 23
Tae-chan to Jimiko-san  Chapter 17
Bunkou no Hito-tachi  Chapter 23
Useless Princesses Others  Chapter 24
Golden Boy  Chapter 94
It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist  Chapter 80.5
Skeeter Rabbit  Chapter 19
Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat the Demon King?  Chapter 5
Miss Angel and Miss Devil  Chapter 164
Hana ni Arashi (KOBACHI Ruka)  Chapter 84.5
Mojito Others  Chapter 17
Umineko Sou days  Chapter 8
Netsuzou Trap - NTR  Chapter 26.2
Winter to Summer Webtoon  Chapter 41
Nighty Night, Scheherazade  Chapter 1
Lez Fuuzoku Anthology  Chapter 3
Sasayaku you ni koi o utau Others  Chapter 15
Bright and Cheery Amnesia  Chapter 45
Murcielago  Chapter 77
A Yuri Story About a Junior I Couldn't Stand  Chapter 3
Nekomusume Shoukougun  Chapter 85
Apocalypse for Two  Chapter 12
Love Live! dj - Story Where Eli and Nozomi Become Wild Animals During Winter Vacation  Chapter 1
This Love That Won't Reach  Chapter 34