Latest Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
Seduce the Villain's Father  Chapter 2
Fox Spirit Matchmaker  Chapter 124
Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno Others  Chapter 16
Mejaz - Regulus in the World  Chapter 27
Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi  Chapter 11
Houtu  Chapter 14.1
Release That Witch  Chapter 132.1
Celebgram  Chapter 20
Demons and Strangers Others  Chapter 48
In the Dark Webtoon  Chapter 42069
Ueno san wa Bukiyou  Chapter 58
Lang Huan Library Others  Chapter 74
hello (rom-com) world  Chapter 5
Martial Peak Others  Chapter 503
Girl with a Knife  Chapter 2
Lonely Attack on a Different World  Chapter 22
Yumi's Cells  Chapter 464
It's Sudden, but I came to Another World! But I hope to live Safely  Chapter 8
Beware of Demons Others  Chapter 60
The Great Deity Others  Chapter 111
True Beauty  Chapter 88
Overgeared  Chapter 3
Lock You Up  Chapter 59
Lang Huan Library  Chapter 74
Seduce The Villain’S Father  Chapter 1
The New Kindaichi Detective Files  Chapter 30
Genius and the Phoenix  Chapter 8.5
The Chronicles Of Qing Xi  Chapter 1
To Be You, Even Just For A Day  Chapter 13
The Queen Of Healing Doctors  Chapter 2
Martial Peak  Chapter 503
Ultimate Path Martial Arts  Chapter 2
Reincarnated into an Otome Game? Nah, I'm Too Busy Mastering Magic!  Chapter 3.2
They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter  Chapter 180
Pupillary Master  Chapter 39.5
Swallow the whole world  Chapter 2
Giant Killing  Chapter 342
Armagedon  Chapter 46
Lock You Up Webtoon  Chapter 59
Fox Concubine, Don’t Play With Fire  Chapter 0
Beware of Demons  Chapter 60
Pupillary Master Webtoon  Chapter 16